Group Fitness Classes & Training


Resistance Fit (P)

Cardio HIIT (B)

Killer Core (P)

Senior Strong (B)

HIIT to Be Fit (B)

HIIT the Gym Express (P)

Zumba (P)

Trainer's Choice (P)

Penalty Box (P) - This program is a complete body workout program specifically designed to burn unwanted fat and equip you with the physical conditioning to preform on top of your game.

Fun Friday (P) -

Stability Ball (P)

Yoga (B)

CardiYoga (P) - CardiYoga is not your typical yoga class! This class consists of lots of flow and reps to keep your heart pumping.

Coming Soon

HIIT the Gym (S) (small group training)
Dynamic Dumbells (S) (small group training)
Glowga (S)
Advanced Cardio HIIT (B)
Shreadmill (P)
Thai Chi (P)
Chair Yoga (B)
Yoga Shred (P)
Buti Yoga (P)
Pilates (B)
Yin Yoga (P)
Bad Ass Yoga Class (S)


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**Schedule subject to change. For most up-to-date times and prices, members can login to the member portal.