Coronavirus Prevention

Here at Texas Strong Fitness, we care about your health and well-being, both immediately and in the long term! 

That’s why we've put together a free mini course about what you can do to protect yourself in the wake of the COVID-19 virus (aka Coronavirus). No, you don't have to buy all the toilet paper.

Click here to access your free course.

We’ve even included an Immune Boosting Checklist, which contains science-backed steps you can take to improve your immune function AND avoid picking up any unwanted germs (including any colds, flu and stomach bugs that are going around).

I also want to let you know that we take extra care to help protect our members, and we are doing everything we can to encourage sanitary conditions, just as we always do.

Here are some steps we ask all members at Texas Strong Fitness to be taking each time they visit, not just now, but all the time to help prevent the spread of any illness : 

  1. Please wash your hands (up to your elbows) for at LEAST 20 seconds BEFORE and AFTER your workout.
  2. Please wipe down every piece of equipment after each use (with our provided disinfectant and towels). 
  3. We also have hand sanitizer available for anyone that would like to use that as well.
  4. And, we ask that clients who are sick or not feeling well please stay home. Let your body heal! 

We also encourage you to continue your workouts, since regular activity is a part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Studies show that moderate workouts lasting an hour or less help improve your overall immune function – plus they can help you destress, which can also help keep your immune system strong.

With that being said, we realize that there are those with compromised immune systems that may feel safer staying home. For those that choose not to visit the gym during this time, we have provided 20 full workouts, and 5 mini workouts with photo demonstrations, so that everyone can stay on track even at home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out! We are here for you!

Click here to get started with your free Coronavirus mini course, and workouts.

Thank you so much –

Texas Strong Fitness

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