The Hunger Scale - Free Resource to Help Get Your Hunger Under Control

Improve your eating habits with The Hunger Scale

If you have lost touch with how physical hunger and fullness actually feel then this Hunger Scale can help you tune in back to your body and help you decide whether your desire to eat comes from real hunger or other reasons.

Use the information in the booklet, as well as the scale and diary to describe your level of hunger and recognize the best times to start and stop eating during your day.

The Hunger Scale

The Hunger Scale teaches you to listen to your body. Download The Hunger Scale Booklet for some ideas on how to become more mindful around meal times and The Hunger Level Diary, which will help you to learn when to start and stop eating. With practice you'll be able to manage your hunger, feel more in control of your eating habits, and enjoy your meals mindfully.

To download our FREE Hunger Scale Booklet, click here.
To download our FREE Hunger Level Diary, click here.

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