Helper's High

This time of year is all about giving, which is good for everyone! It’s not just beneficial for the people who receive a gift, but also (maybe even more so) for the people who give the gift.
Did you know that there’s actually a phenomenon called the “Helper’s High,” which is similar to a runner’s high?
Basically, it’s the flood of the feel-good emotions that are released whenever you help someone (which also includes giving thoughtful gifts).
According to the Cleveland Clinic, giving to others can help:
  • Lower your blood pressure,
  • Boost your self-esteem,
  • Reduce depression,
  • Lower stress,
  • Make you happier and even
  • Live a longer life.
Pretty amazing, right?
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Scientists are still figuring out the “whys” behind this effect, but researchers doing MRI studies of people who gave to charity found that their brain’s “reward center” was stimulated, releasing all those feel-good endorphins.
This kind of good-for-you high is actually pretty addictive – just like a runner’s high!
That’s probably why doing a favor (or performing a “random act of kindness”) is a surefire way to turn around a bad or stressful day.
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Make it an amazing day,

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